Human Services

BCG’s human services practice assists state, county, and municipal human services agencies to achieve performance goals to serve better vulnerable populations such as African Americans, Veterans, Service Members, and Women. Our seasoned consultants offer practical research-based solutions, which enable you to develop and launch successful programs, evaluate program effectiveness, increase program revenue, enhance service delivery, and support the Nation’s public health infrastructure.

Change Management

Change involves making things different. Some people embrace change and grow from it, while others despise it and try to avoid it at all costs. Although change can sometimes be good, many people dread change, especially when it is involuntary and occurs under adverse conditions.

Talent Management

Organizational success is primarily determined by an organization’s ability to manage its talent successfully. Hiring, developing, retaining, and promoting quality employees involves strategic and deliberate planning.

We partner with you to increase your market position in your industry by ensuring that you recruit, retain, and promote the right people.

Strategic Planning

We partner with you to identify where your organization wants to be within the next five to ten years and help you figure out how to get there.

We position your organization to remain efficient, effective, and competitive through a comprehensive, thoughtful, and well-placed strategy. We help you identify and address internal and external changes that could affect the future success of your organization.


How do you attract and retain high-performing and highly competent people? How do you prepare your people to cope with adversity in the workplace? How do you create an environment where people feel valued, connected, and enjoy coming to work? We help you inspire your people to overcome adversity, build empathic relationships, and deliver superior performance by partnering with you to create resilient and empathy-driven cultures.