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Do you work with or have a desire to work with Service Members, African Americans or Veterans who struggle with overcoming adversity? Would you like to be better equipped to help them overcome adversity? Would you like to learn the latest strategies for building personal resilience in the clinical setting? Would you like to develop resilience skills that will enable you to avoid burnout and excel professionally? If you answered yes to either one of the aforementioned questions, this workshop was designed specifically for you.

Resilience is defined differently for many individuals because it takes on many forms and has various components, but most researchers agree that resilience is associated with an individual’s ability to bounce back after facing adversity. However, when faced with adversity a large percentage of Service Members, African Americans and Veterans struggle with understanding and modifying meanings attributed to their adversity. This in return affects their ability to bounce back.

In this engaging and interactive workshop, you will receive an overview of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy interventions and how they can be used to help Service Members, African Americans and Veterans overcome adversity and build personal resilience.

Learning Objectives:

Define adversity and resilience
Review and Discussion of Resilience and Research
Overview of Resilience Building Factors
Understanding Cognitive Transformation & Resilient Thinking

Process Personal Resilience Stories (group activity)

Detailed course outline coming soon!