Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We welcome and commemorate ethnic, religious, gender and socio-economic differences and provide training, workshop facilitation and coaching to help our clients create environments that celebrate uniqueness, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Cultural Assessments & Education


You Can’t Address or Improve What You Do not Understand


  • Assessments – We develop deeper understanding of your organizational culture and assist you with carefully laying out how you will achieve your diversity, equity and inclusion goals.
      • Organizational Culture – We use the BCG Client-centered Solution Framework to gain a deeper understanding of your diversity, equity and inclusion practices.
      • Cultural Sensitivity Sessions – We facilitate one-hour sensing sessions in which employees answer a series of questions about organizational culture and how it can be improved. Information gleaned will be used to develop a cultural beliefs/values statement.

Cultural Trauma & Sensitivity Training


Discrimination can be intentional and non-intentional


  • Training – We provide several trainings that informs about cultural trauma and enhance cultural sensitivity.
    • I Can’t Breathe: Understanding Cultural Trauma, Grief and Mourning Experienced African Americans
    • Emotional Intelligence: How it Can Be Used to Enhance Cultural Sensitivity
    • Empathy-Driven Mindset: Building an Inclusive Organizational Culture
    • Understanding Oppression Through the Lens of Black People: Conversations that Facilitate Connections
    • And More…

Leadership, Team & Group Coaching


Cultural appreciation begins and ends with healthy dialogue and enhanced understanding


  • Coaching – Our certified coaches provide cultural diversity coaching to leaders, teams and leaders.
    • We work with your people to help them create inclusive environments that involves authentic and empowered participation and a true sense of belonging.
    • Our coaches strive to inspire your people to think about ways in which they can give people what they need to enjoy full and healthy lives.
    • Through deep coaching questions, we help your people challenge themselves to develop the knowledge and skills to enhance systemic equity. Our work coaching sessions are geared towards helping your people make conscious efforts to create, support and sustain social justice. Sessions are designed to reinforce and replicate equitable ideas, power, resources, strategies, conditions, habits and outcomes.


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