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Start-up Business Coaching

The mission of the YDM Academy is to empower women to stop settling, overcome depression, unhappiness, self-doubt, fear, low self-esteem, poverty, and domestic violence by embracing and living in one fundamental truth: that they Deserve More. Members receive psycho-educational training, group support, relationship and business assessments, counseling, coaching, and members-only pricing for admission to workshops and conferences.

Scale & Profit Growth Coaching

RAD is a diversity education program for adults and youth who desire to gain a better understanding and appreciation of different ethnic groups. Individuals are taught the importance of respecting and honoring cultural differences. Stereotypes, racial biases and racism are discussed in safe intimate group settings. Throughout the program, participates are challenged to explore and examine their beliefs and perceptions about other ethnic groups.

Financial Prosperity & Legacy Building

STEP is an empathy enhancement program that is designed to help individuals become more empathetic through exposure and sensitivity training. Participates are exposed to stimuli that contribute to or cause anxiety related emotions. Through guided group discussions, individuals are encouraged to express their emotions and are taught how to process and cope with them in a healthy manner.