Human Services & Public Health

BCG’s human services practice assist state, county, and municipal human services agencies to achieve performance goals to better serve vulnerable populations such as African Americans, other minorities, Veterans, Service Members, and Women. Our seasoned consultants offer practical research-based solutions, which enables you to develop and launch successful programs, evaluate program effectiveness, increase program revenue, enhance service delivery, and support the Nation’s public health infrastructure.

Human Services


Our skilled and knowledgeable consultants promote improved service delivery systems by addressing not only the quality of direct services, but also by conducting training that improves accessibility, accountability, and coordination among professionals and human services agencies.

We provide research-based and culturally sensitive consultation on human service delivery across the continuum of care – from treatment and prevention to community-based settings. We ensure that your organization see the change that you want to see in your targeted populations and communities.

BCG Solutions:

    • Provide consultation on complex situations, guidance to staff in implementing program for individuals, and makes recommendations for appropriate actions and services.
    • Integrate knowledge of laws and policies, professional and ethical behaviors, and effective cultural, global, and diversity concepts within public service practice. These integrations assist our clients to achieve programmatic and organizational goals.
    • Leverage technology to enhance practice, create innovative solutions, and optimize performance.
    • Evaluates and analyses program information and data used in determining appropriate treatment, assistance, and activities for individuals.
    • Train staff, making recommendations to supervisors regarding personnel development and actions.

Solution Benefits

    • Increased client satisfaction.

    • Enhanced service delivery processes.

    • Enhanced knowledge base of employees who work with African Americans and other disadvantaged populations.

    • Operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Our consultants offer you in-depth analysis and training that is designed to deepen your employees’ knowledge of contemporary societal and psychological issues that negatively impact vulnerable populations.

We tailor our consultation services to meet the your needs and develop training curriculum equip your personnel to effectively deliver services.

Economic Development

BCG collaborates with community leaders to improve the economic wellbeing and quality of life of disadvantaged populations through wealth building education and training, business retention, business expansion and business creation.

We use a wide-array of data to support informed decision-making at all levels and use research to promote the importance of fiscal stability and greater economic development.

BCG Solutions:

  • Collaborate with city and county leaders to influence the direction of private sector investment toward opportunities that can lead to sustained economic growth in poor communities.


  • Partner with agency leaders to explore and identify key resources needed to provide sufficient income for local labor and creation of an infrastructure to support continued business growth.


  • Empower disadvantaged and marginalized community members by facilitating training that teaches them how to engage in economic activities that benefits their communities and broader society.

Solution Benefits:

  • Build thriving communities

  • Be socially accountable to the community

  • Build a positive brand around your company

  • Combat poverty and social injustices

Our consultants are passionate about collaborating with agencies who have a keen interest in enhancing the prosperity and quality of life for all human beings.

Public Health

BCG partners with state and local agencies to address public health crises such as racism, gun violence, police violence, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

Our services focus on helping organizations build stronger communities by combating social injustices and eliminating disparities in health care.

We use a wide-array of data to support informed decision-making at all levels and use research to promote the importance of fiscal stability and greater economic development.

BCG Solutions:

    • Design and deliver programs that remove barriers to health equity.
    • Provide customized education and training on public health disparities.
    • Develop advocacy initiatives and campaigns that raise awareness about public health and prevention.
    • Consult with key decision-makers to shape public policy that ensures access to care and protecting funding for core public health programs and services.
    • Provide professional development through online continuing education to help professionals learn more about public health crises and enhance their skillsets.
    • Bring together communities and agencies across the United States to promote and observe National Resilience Week as a time to recognize the inherit strengthens and resilience of disenfranchised, oppressed, and marginalized groups.

Solution Benefits:

    • Building stronger communities

    • Advancing the Nation’s Health

    • Improved access to care

    • Facilitating health equity

    • Support the public health infrastructure

We work with you to build healthy and thriving communities by assessing your capacity to respond to public health issues. We assist you to develop programs and services that lead to positive and sustainable results.