Human Services

BCG’s human services practice assists state, county, and municipal human services agencies to achieve performance goals to serve better vulnerable populations such as African Americans, Veterans, Service Members, and Women. Our seasoned consultants offer practical research-based solutions, which enable you to develop and launch successful programs, evaluate program effectiveness, increase program revenue, enhance service delivery, and support the Nation’s public health infrastructure.


Our skilled and knowledgeable consultants promote improved service delivery systems by addressing the quality of direct services and conducting training that improves accessibility, accountability, and coordination among professionals and human services agencies.

We provide research-based and culturally sensitive consultation on human service delivery across the continuum of care – from treatment and prevention to community-based settings. We ensure that your organization sees the change you want in your targeted populations and communities.

BCG Solutions

The group is a 3-month coaching program to help single women select their ideal partner and prepare for marriage. You receive coaching to help you better understand yourself, shift your mindset, and learn how to select quality men with confidence and date with a purpose.

  1. Provide consultation on complex situations, guide staff in implementing a program for individuals, and make recommendations for appropriate actions and services.
  2. Integrate knowledge of laws and policies, professional and ethical behaviors, and practical cultural, global, and diversity concepts within public service practice. These integrations assist our clients in achieving programmatic and organizational goals.
  3. Leverage technology to enhance practice, create innovative solutions, and optimize performance.
  4. Evaluate and analyze program information and data used in determining appropriate treatment, assistance, and activities for individuals.
  5. Train staff, making recommendations to supervisors regarding personnel development and actions.

Solution Benefits

BCG Solutions Benefits - Buckingham Consulting Group
  1. Increased client satisfaction.
  2. Enhanced service delivery processes.
  3. Improved knowledge base of employees who work with African Americans and other disadvantaged populations.
  4. Operational effectiveness and efficiency.
Our consultants offer in-depth analysis and training designed to deepen your employees’ knowledge of contemporary societal and psychological issues that negatively impact vulnerable populations.

We tailor our consultation services to meet your needs and develop a training curriculum to equip your personnel to deliver services effectively.