Our consultants are trained to provide expertise in multiple industries, which enables us to deliver solutions across numerous organizations and businesses. We help you find and implement sustainable solutions for your business and achieve results that transform ideas into action.


Our healthcare practice is committed to helping our clients create conditions where their people can provide excellent patient care. Research has shown that challenges such as burnout, low morale, ineffective residence training, poor leadership, staffing shortages impact the delivery of care, and overall customer satisfaction. We work with you through coaching and empathy-driven leadership training solution to improve your day-to-day operations and workforce efficiency.


Human service professionals such as social workers, counselors, case managers and psychologists are passionate individuals who dedicate their lives to helping people combat challenges such as poverty, addiction, trauma and mental health illness. The rigors of this job can sometimes take a toll on human service professionals. Our seasoned consultants offer coaching, counseling, and training solutions with an emphasis on burnout prevention and enhanced self-care.

We also offer program design and evaluation consultation that enables human service organizations to develop and launch community-building programs, evaluate program effectiveness, increase program revenue, and enhance overall service delivery.


Doing more with less (personnel shortages, deployments, turnover, etc.) and continuing resolution (CR) are constant challenges in DoD and federal government agencies. Given these challenges, leaders at all levels must work diligently to inspire their people to perform well and produce at the highest level.

We partner with you through our empathy-driven leadership coaching and training solutions to address and resolve low morale, burnout, low productivity, and job dissatisfaction issues that are often reflected on the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) and in Command Climate Surveys.


Communities thrive when the public sector thrives. Public sector organizations provide goods and services for the benefit of the community. Respectfully, organizations such as law enforcement, social services, and educators have the ability to transform communities across the nation.

BCG’s extensive experience at providing consultative services at municipal, state and national level positions us to deliver high-quality and valued added solutions to public sector entities.


To build healthy and thriving communities, it is essential for us to consider the behavioral, emotional, economic, and environmental conditions that influence population health. With decades of experience building solutions for the public sector, Buckingham Consulting Group, LLC (BCG) can help you to create data-driven approaches to these challenges based on research and best practices. Together, we can assess your state or local capacity to respond to public health issues; facilitate collaboration among stakeholders to establish a strategic, unified approach; and evaluate the changes produced by your efforts.

As new public health emergencies continue to emerge, we cannot lose site of the ones we have yet to overcome, such as the opioid epidemic. As the federal government, state governments, and communities are all working to mitigate the prevalence and consequences of substance use disorders (SUD), demonstrating the value of public health efforts is becoming increasingly important.