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Topics include leadership, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, employee engagement, resilience building, relationships, marriage, mental health, entrepreneurship, and business development. Additionally, we offer speeches to meet the needs of local and federal entities.

Sample Speaking Topics

We customize and tailor our speeches to meet the needs of targeted audience.

  1. Empathy-Driven Leadership
  2. The Heart of Leadership: Emotional Intelligence
  3. Leading Change
  4. Employee Engagement
  5. The Power of Resilient Thinking
  6. Working for Love: 7 Jobs in Marriage
  7. Beyond the Honeymoon: Unconditional Love
  8. You Deserve More: Single Women & Domestic Violence Prevention
  9. I Found My Wife After I Found Me
  10. Building Individual & Community Resilience
  11. Gifting Empathy: Parent & Teen Bonding
  12. I Can’t Breathe: Racism, Cultural Trauma and Grief Experienced by African Americans
  13. Planning to Succeed: Business Development
  14. And Many More…

“His presentation was superb.”



Dr. Buckingham did a great job. Not only did he develop an outstanding training module for NASW, his presentation was superb. He was engaging, explained things well and used personal experience. Thanks for a job well done.

Jeremy Wiener, MSW, LGSW
Project Manager, National Association of Social Workers


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Most Requested Speaking Topic

Empathy-Driven Leadership