Certified Empathy and Resilience Coach (CERC) – On-Demand Course

Certified Empathy and Resilience Coach (CERC) – On-Demand Course

Become a Certified Empathy and Resilience Coach (CERC)

Module 1: Introduction to Coaching 
• Overview of the coaching profession and its ethics.
• Differentiating coaching from other helping professions.
• Role of a Certified Professional Coach within the ICF framework.
• Introduction to the ICF core coaching competencies.

Module 2: The Coaching Relationship 
• Building trust and rapport with clients.
• Setting boundaries and agreements.
• Creating a safe and confidential coaching environment.
• Addressing ethical considerations in coaching relationships.

Module 3: Effective Communication 
• Active listening and powerful questioning.
• Providing feedback and making observations.
• Navigating language and cultural differences.
• Enhancing coaching presence and authenticity.

Module 4: The Coaching Process 
• Understanding the coaching process: GROW and other models.
• Setting clear, achievable goals with clients.
• Creating actionable plans and strategies.
• Monitoring progress and accountability.

Module 5: Coaching Competencies 
• Developing proficiency in ICF core competencies:
• Establishing the coaching agreement.
• Creating trust and intimacy with the client.
• Coaching presence.
• Active listening.
• Powerful questioning.
• Direct communication.
• Creating awareness.
• Designing actions.
• Planning and goal setting.
• Managing progress and accountability.

Module 6: Assessments and Tools 
• Introduction to coaching assessments (e.g., strengths assessments, 360-degree feedback).
• Selecting and administering appropriate tools.
• Integrating assessment results into coaching conversations.

Module 7: Ethics and Professionalism 
• In-depth exploration of ICF Code of Ethics.
• Addressing ethical dilemmas and best practices.
• Ensuring professionalism and integrity in coaching.

Module 8: Coaching Practice and Supervision 
• Hands-on coaching practice sessions.
• Peer coaching and feedback.
• Group supervision and reflection.
• Self-assessment and continuous improvement.

On-Demand Course Module: Marketing and Business Development 
• Strategies for building a coaching practice.
• Understanding the business aspects of coaching.
• Marketing, branding, and client acquisition.

Niche Empathy and Resilience Certification:

  • 12+hours of coaching education.
  • On-demand,

Instructor – Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham
As a life-long learner and ICF Association Certified Coach (ACC) with over 15 years of coaching experience and 25 years of experience as a licensed clinical psychotherapist, Dr. Buckingham have had the privilege of providing empowerment, transformational and executive coaching to hundreds of individuals and psychotherapy to over 40,000 individuals worldwide.

Buckingham Consulting Group is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned firm that provides human services consulting, coaching, counseling, and training that enables individuals and organizations to find solutions in problems and produce sustainable results.

BCG was founded by Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham in 2008 after he served nearly a decade in the United States Air Force as a commissioned officer. As a licensed clinical psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience in delivering clinical treatment, training, coaching, and consulting with more than 40,000 persons worldwide, Dr. Buckingham uses his knowledge and expertise in human behavior and development to help clients find solutions in problems and produce sustainable results. He specializes in assisting clients to overcome adversity, hardship, and emotional distress and is committed to providing superb coaching, consulting, counseling, and organizational training.

Buckingham Coaching Academy (BCA) is a comprehensive coaching program designed for individuals looking for group coaching or who aim to become skilled and certified coaches. We offer an extensive range of services including live and on-demand coaching courses focusing on leadership, business, life coaching, resilience, and empathy, which are crafted to empower individuals at every stage of their careers and lives.

Upon completing the BCA Coach Training Program, students will have the skills and knowledge to become effective, empathetic, and ethically responsible certified coaches. They will receive a certification as a Certified Empathy and Resilience Coach (CERC), which recognizes their proficiency in coaching.