Eye Candy & Marriage Material (Single Women’s Conference)
Eye Candy & Marriage Material (Single Women’s Conference)

About the Conference:

The EC & MM conference is the only male centered and female-moderated event that prepares single women for marriage by helping them make healthier dating choices. While physical attraction plays a role in the selection of our lifetime partners, easy on the eyes does not always equate to easy on the heart. Instead of just listening to experts talk about dating and relationship strategies, single women will participate in fun and thought-provoking activities while also hearing from a group of eligible bachelors who were hand-selected by Dr. Buckingham after completing his Marriage Quality Profile (MQP) Assessment. There will be men from all walks of life who will help single women gain a deeper understanding of what “marriage material” truly means so you do not want to miss an opportunity to learn, laugh and talk about love.

What You’ll Experience:

  • Eye Candy Male Model Showcase
  • Speed Dating with Eligible Bachelors – Ages 25 – 45
  • Role Playing – Psychological Warfare exercises
  • Single and Married Men’s Discussion Panel
  • Divorced and Married Women’s Discussion Panel
  • Raffle contest to Win a Valentine’s Date with an Eligible Bachelor
  • Dr. Buckingham’s Keynote Address
  • Complimentary Marriage Quality Profile (MQP) Assessment

This one of a kind conference will not only provide single women with insight into their dating challenges, but will also give them a chance at love.