Qualified, Yet Single Men’s Dating (12 On-line Sessions)

Qualified, Yet Single Men’s Dating (12 On-line Sessions)

Qualified, Yet Single Men’s Dating Group, Stop Wasting Time!

Join me for 12-powerful 1-hour group sessions where you will learn what it takes to find a wife who will honor, respect and trust you. You’ll connect with other like-minded men and discuss how to overcome challenges that prevents you from finding your wife.

The weekly group sessions will help you gain a deeper understanding of women, yourself and your mindset. You will learn how to select quality women with confidence and a purpose.

Each group is limited to 12 members and will meet for 1 hours on-line on the 4th Thursday of each month from 7:00 pm to 8:o0 pm (EST)

(START DATE: January 27,  2022)

Group task and milestones include:

  • Marriage Quality Profile Assessment
  • Psychological Profile Assessment
  • Customized Dating Plan
  • Marriage Road Map

The psychoeducation group has four primary goals.

  1. Provide information and foster connections. Increased understanding about self and others can help facilitate personal and interpersonal growth. Also, by connecting with other single men you will not feel alone on your journey toward finding your queen. Knowing that others share similar feelings helps to normalize how you feel.
  2. Teach you how to recognize personal, interpersonal, social and environmental factors that impede your ability to get what you deserve in life and love.
  3. Give you a safe space to discuss uncomfortable emotions. You will be given an opportunity to express feelings you might not want to talk about with close friends or family members. You may reveal gaps in your understanding of yourself.
  4. Enhance your self-care skills. It impossible to give what you do not have to give. Taking care of oneself is critical to teaching others how to take care of you.

The Qualified, Yet Single and A Black Man’s Worth book by Dr. Buckingham will be used to enhance group discussions and psycho-educational teachings.

If you believe that you deserve more and are serious about finding your queen, come prepared to learn and practice new skills. Through the group process you will be empowered to improve your life dramatically.