Unconditional Love, Marriage Edition (BOOK)

Unconditional Love, Marriage Edition (BOOK)

Did you say, “I Do” at the altar because you wanted to be loved unconditionally? Did you enter marriage, hoping and praying that your relationship would last forever?

In this educational, marriage-enrichment book, psychotherapist, Dr. Buckingham show married couples how to give and receive unconditional love and make their marriages last forever. He shares insight from his work with thousands of individuals and couples who have experienced marital bliss for more than 20 years.

Filled with practical strategies, a Marriage Intimacy Assessment, an Unconditional Love Marriage Creed and Answers to Questions from married couples in distress, Unconditional Love, Marriage Edition will help you . . .

– Learn the difference between Love and Unconditional Love

– Discover your love style

– Give and receive the unconditional love that you desire

– Understand that relationships are 1% Love and 99% Work

– Establish the right level of intimacy in your marriage

– Gain knowledge that will empower you to make your marriage last forever

A companion workbook that will help you practice and apply what you learned accompanies this book.