Training Solutions

Our consultants are trained to provide expertise in multiple industries, which enables us to deliver solutions across numerous organizations and businesses. We help you find and implement sustainable solutions for your business and achieve results that transform ideas into action.

Professional and Management Development

BCG offers an array of short duration courses and seminars for management and professional development. Training for career development may be provided directly to individuals or through employers’ training programs, and courses may be customized or modified to meet the special needs of customers. Instruction may be provided in diverse settings, such as the establishment’s or client’s training facilities, educational institutions, the workplace, or the home, and through diverse means, such as correspondence, television, the Internet, or other electronic and distance-learning methods.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We welcome and commemorate ethnic, religious, gender, and socio-economic differences. We provide training, workshop facilitation, and coaching to help our clients create environments that celebrate uniqueness, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

CE Courses for Social Workers

Our live webinars and on-demand courses are unlike anything on the market. They were created based on adult learning principals, bloom’s taxonomy of learning and are facilitated by social workers who understand your passion, needs and challenges.

Military and Veterans

BCG is committed to ensuring that military members, veterans, and their families succeed in all aspects of life. Military members have sacrificed to ensure that all Americans can enjoy the benefits of freedom and democracy. We provide high-quality education and training for organizations and healthcare professionals who serve our nation’s heroes.

Resilience Building

Resilience is defined differently for many individuals because it takes many forms and has various components. Still, most researchers agree that resilience is associated with an individual’s ability to bounce back after adversity. However, when faced with adversity, many Service Members struggle with understanding and modifying behaviors attributed to their hardship. This, in return, affects their ability to bounce back.

Leadership Development

Leadership is one of the most essential workplace factors in any organization. Your leaders’ ability to influence others directly impacts morale, productivity, and overall bottom line.

We offer more than 30 customized leadership development classes ranging from emotional intelligence to strategic thinking. Our masterclasses are designed to enhance your teams’ knowledge and elevate their performance.

Bureau of Antiracist Social Work (BASW)

BASW provides antiracism education, consultation and training to social workers, the world’s largest group of mental health professionals.

The mission of BASW is to dismantle systemic racism and create an equal society by training social workers to become antiracist activists who deliver trauma-informed and culturally sensitive care to African Americans and other marginalized populations.